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Staff Picks: Our Favorite New Arrival Shoes

  • Posted: March 25, 2016
  • By: Alex Camille

Shoes are a perennial favorite around here and luckily for us, we always seem to have a great inventory. Lately we have been receiving more shoes than usual and we are super-excited about our new arrivals. Here are our staff picks for our favorite in-house shoe styles.   Hayley: Buyer     Hayley’s pick is this Bohemian-inspired pair of Wyatt boots … Continue reading Staff Picks: Our Favorite New Arrival Shoes

Which Chanel Shoe Best Suits Your New Years Resolution?

  • Posted: January 4, 2016
  • By: Alex Camille

So, we’ve officially made our New Years resolutions and now we’re supposed to keep them – or try at least. However, we couldn’t possibly begin without picking the perfect shoe for the job, right? When seeking a shoe that’s going to provide the year-long motivation necessary for us to truly carry out these goals, we think classic yet compelling … Continue reading Which Chanel Shoe Best Suits Your New Years Resolution?

Winter’s Most Brag-Worthy Boots

  • Posted: November 6, 2015
  • By: Alex Camille

If you’re anything like us, you see each season as the idyllic excuse to shop for all things weather-inspired. As we dust off last year’s denim and flannel, the number one position on our “must-have list” undeniably goes to a great new pair of black boots. Fortunately, we’ve been getting beautiful boots in by the bunches – and you really can’t beat the pre-owned … Continue reading Winter’s Most Brag-Worthy Boots

This Season’s Shoe: Loafers

  • Posted: September 18, 2015
  • By: Alex Camille

Loafers are making a lust-worthy appearance in this season’s style forecast and since we’re sticklers for stilettos at the Couture USA office, these comfortable counterparts are exactly what the Doctor ordered. Looking back, loafers haven’t always been seen in the most stylish of lights. While peep-toes, pumps and ballet flats have a strong reputation of … Continue reading This Season’s Shoe: Loafers

Christian Louboutin’s Jaw Dropping Designer Shoe Styles

  • Posted: September 4, 2015
  • By: Alex Camille

Christian Louboutin shoes have long been synonymous with jaw-dropping style. The Paris-based design house offers everything from towering platforms to sleek and stylish stilettos. At one point or another, each of us have lusted over a particular pair of Louboutins. Perhaps you have your eyes on a pair adorned with studs or maybe it’s a perfectly sculpted pair of black … Continue reading Christian Louboutin’s Jaw Dropping Designer Shoe Styles