Popular Gucci Materials: A Staple in Classic Luxury

For the last several decades, Gucci has maintained a top spot in the world of luxury fashion, with the creative ability to develop new and innovative design concepts while still incorporating those instantly-recognizable classic Gucci materials.

Whether you’re a luxury fashionista wanting to brush up on your high-fashion terminology, or maybe your in the mood to spice up your current handbag collection with a little sprinkle of Gucci and need to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, the Couture USA team is here to help. Keep reading as we dive into a quick guide to popular Gucci materials!

Gucci Web

-First created in the 1950s
-Inspired by the brand’s rich equestrian history
-The term “Web” refers to the girth strap placed on a saddle to keep it in place.
-Typically seen on canvas material with the most common color combinations being red & green and blue & red.

Gucci Diamante

-The Diamante design was first introduced as a canvas material in the 1930’s. -The jacquard connected diamond design is the precursor that inspired the “GG Canvas” design.
-Originally rendered using woven hemp to create durable luggage pieces as a solution to the WWII leather shortage.

-Originating in 2014, Diamante leather features small raised squares and canvas textured diamond centers.

GG Canvas

-First introduced by Gucci in 1969.
-Features a jacquard woven fabrication with diagonal lines of the GG motif with two squares in-between each logo.
-The original GG Canvas material is commonly joined with leather trim.
-Commonly used for handbags, accessories, travel pieces, and belts.
– While found in a variety of different limited edition color schemes, the most commonly found combinations include beige and ebony (dark brown) and black on black.

Guccissima Leather

-A crowd favorite amongst Gucci lovers, Guccissima leather was first introduced in 2006.
-Consists of a cowhide leather with an embossed signature GG pattern similar to that found on the GG Canvas.
-Translated from Italian, the term Guccissima means “most Gucci”.
Microguccissima features identical GG embossed detailing on a smaller scale.
We hope this guide will serve you well in shopping for your latest and greatest Gucci find! Shop all of your favorite Gucci materials and more here!