If The Shoe Fits: What Your Favorite Shoe Style Says About You

Shoe addicts and fashionistas alike can attest to the importance in having a favorite pair of shoes. While your shoe closet may fluctuate in style and quantity, we all have that one pair of shoes that have remained a constant in our collection, the shoes that we saw and simply could not leave the store without, instantly leaving us to believe in love at first sight.
In a fun new book titled Be the Shoe, LA celebrity stylist Kathy Kelada shares her perspective on the power of shoes and ways in which your favorite pair may unknowingly reflect very distinct personality traits. Inspired by Kelada, the Couture USA team decided to put together our own collection of assessments on what your favorite shoe style says about you, featuring some crowd favorites!

The Bold yet Practical Cool Girl

You enjoy standing out, but can appreciate a relaxed, low maintainence fit. In owning a pair of these Christian Louboutin Cataclou wedge sandals , you show the world that your appreciation for bold luxury stretches beyond designer five-inch stilettos. As the person in the family that is always asking for useful gifts on birthdays and holidays, you enjoy the finer things in life with functionality and versatility. Your friends and family know they can always find you strolling the mall in style…and comfort.

The Extravagant Diva

Rocking these Jimmy Choo coarse glitter platform pumps , it’s no surprise that you’re the life of the party. Not afraid to take risks and turn heads, you to take your night-out ensembles very seriously. Anyone that knows you knows that your version of “casual” is everyone else’s full on glam. You are the friends that is always expected to be fashionably late because well, you can’t rush perfection.

The Flirty Dancing Queen

Always up for a good time, you are quick to strap up these Gucci orchid print platform sandals and dance the night away. Not a fan of the club scene, on Saturday nights you’re likely to be found at the local beach bar at sunset, pairing these pair of platforms with your favorite sundress and a flower in your hair, and enjoying a cocktail with good friends for some good times. You’re the girl that can’t stay still especially when your favorite tune comes on, pulling anyone nearby (stranger or not) out on to the dance floor.

The Straightforward Go-Getter

In these Stuart Weitzman patent leather booties, it’s evident that you mean business, with a personality as sleek and voguish as the satin bow tied around the center of the shoe. Unafraid and unbothered by the opinions of the others, you’re likely to say exactly what’s on your mind. The people around you can always count on you to give an honest opinion, even if it isn’t exactly what they were hoping to hear. While you always enjoy free time when you have it, you are more interested in staying late at the office to perfect that project you’ve been working on. Those around you may call you a workaholic, but you prefer “focused fashionista with a vision”.

The Elegant Introvert

With a kind heart and shy demeanor, you prefer to live life behind the scenes in these Christian Louboutin Balinodono flats . Not a huge fans of large crowds or hustle and bustle, you enjoy spending your time curled up on the couch catching up on your favorite Netflix series or diving into your newest book. While your personality may be perceived as demure and reserved, you’re not afraid to treat yourself to luxury like a new pair of red-bottom flats and pair it with your favorite classic tunic dress.

The Vibrant Fashionista

Your favorite Gucci Princetown Slippers are an undoubted reflection of your larger-than-life personality. Reflected in your hobbies and fashion sense, you prefer to live life by the motto “go big or go home” and are intolerant of mediocrity. Your hobbies include weekend travels, trying new restaurants, taking fashion risks, and documenting it all on your carefully curated Instagram. You are slightly unpredictable and have the ability to instantly light up a room with your resplendent demeanor, and most importantly, never…ever…repeat the same outfit twice.
Whether it be a quaint pair of flats or a sensational pair of stiletto pumps, we encourage you to embrace your favorite shoe style as a direct flection of the uniquely incredible you and wear it with confidence, ease, and grace. After all, in the words of Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world”.