5 Best Weekender Travel Bags to Get You Ready for the Road

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The wanderlust in you is calling, but let’s be honest, unless you travel for a living, most of us don’t have the luxury of time to take month-long vacations nor the budget to spend on long getaways. But, weekend trips? Now we’re talking.
Short vacations shouldn’t be complicated. Although there’s always the temptation to over-pack (What if I need an extra pair of shoes? Will I regret it if I leave this dress behind?), this dilemma can be avoided if you pack with the intention to only bring with you what your weekender bag can fit.
The best weekender travel bags should be lightweight and sized just right to fit the essentials to help you stylishly survive a weekend travel. After all, isn’t it a little over-the-top to lug around a large rolling case for a 48-hour stay-cation?
In case your weekender bag has seen better days and it’s time to scope out a new one, here are five best weekender travel bags worth the road-test:

Escada Weekender Bag

travel bag

Clearly designed for the fashion-forward traveler who never steps out without looking fabulous, this Escada weekender tote is one of the best weekender travel bags there is. At a glance, one can imagine celebrities like J. Lo or Rihanna traveling with this chic tote, especially since it is undeniably couture and luxurious. Thanks to its high-quality leather in stunning burgundy color, this bag is a real scene-stealer, so expect the occasional glances as you carry this with you into your hotel. What add points of interest to this weekender bag are its details, like the oversized gold-tone buckle and contrasting stitching. More importantly, this Escada travel bag features a roomy interior to fit the weekend essentials—because no fashion-conscious traveler wants to leave the must-haves, even if it’s just for 48 hours.

Chanel Sport Line XL Beach Bag

Chanel bag

If your weekend mantra includes “Life is a beach,” then you certainly don’t want to hit the shoreline without a Chanel Sport Line XL beach tote. Featuring a washable canvas material in beige and light blue colors, this weekender tote has an exterior zipper pocket and two side pockets for easy access, plus ample interior space to carry the salt-life essentials.
The best part? It is ultra-lightweight, which is comforting to light travelers who don’t want to over-pack and prefer to bring only wardrobe pieces that they can recycle over the weekend.

Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeaux Hat Box

hat box

Not exactly a lightweight choice for a weekend travel, but designer-obsessed travelers wouldn’t hesitate to pack a Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeaux Hat Box for a glam-filled stay-cation. Exuding a Parisian vibe, this Louis Vuitton’s iconic travel luggage—thanks to its unexpected silhouette and timeless look—is a collectible and conversational piece. Featuring the luxury house brand’s signature Monogram canvas, this luggage has an heirloom-quality construction, while the leather trim reinforcement ensures that personal effects can be safely transported while traveling.
No doubt, if you are eyeing a weekend stay at Martha’s Vineyard or simply intend to impress the traveling crowd on your next holiday getaway, this Louis Vuitton classic is guaranteed to do it.

Chanel Paris-Biarritz XL Travel Bag

travel tote

The perfect 48-hour companion to join you on any adventure, this Chanel Paris-Biarritz XL travel bag is made with coated canvas with quilted design, which is quintessentially Chanel. It is extra-large in interior space to appropriately haul all the weekend travel necessities, but not too large that it won’t fit an overhead compartment.
The silver metallic color is unexpected, but still subtle enough to create a polished, sophisticated traveler look. The canvas material makes this carryall bag lightweight, but heavy-duty enough to withstand repeated use and over-packing.

Gucci Caleido Duffle Luggage Bag

Gucci bag

One of the best weekender travel bags, this Gucci Caleido duffle luggage bag is classy yet stylishly unique, thanks to its signature Supreme “GG” canvas. The basic black color is effortless to mix-and-match with any outfits, in case you prefer to carefully coordinate your look while traveling. This duffle bag brings versatility and style in equal measure as it features a removable shoulder strap for wearability options and multiple interior pockets to help you stay organized as you pack.
Which of these best weekender travel bags do you love to bring with you on your next adventure? And where do you have to travel with your favorite carryall bag soon?