How You Can Be Wearing All Black in Time for Fall

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Resisting the temptation to dive into fall fashion is something not many people can deny. After all, wearing cute layers with a pumpkin spice latte in-hand isn’t too bad of an autumnal fate. Even here in Florida, we like to break out a light cardigan and leggings whenever possible just to get in the spirit, and one of the most autumnal fashion trends ever is wearing all black.


Now, we’re not saying wearing all black with black lipstick is fall’s uniform (though some fashionistas are taking that look and making it look a little less goth and a lot more vogue), but there are a few ways to stylishly rock all black in cooler weather. Fashion icons, like Victoria Beckham, are known to slay the runway and streets while wearing all black, keeping things looking svelte and collected in their monochrome ensembles.


So, what are some luxury items you can sport while wearing all black? We’ve put together some of our favorite black pieces that you can sport this fall and well into winter.


Wearing All Black This Time of Year

All black looks are sleek and make layering a breeze, even if you want to add a pop of color with your nails, lipstick or a cozy scarf. The all-black foundation that your outfit can set creates the perfect canvas to accessorize and keep up the monochromatic look or incorporate on-trend seasonal colors, like maroon, mustard, royal blue and other deep gem-tones.


The Phantom Bag

Tote bag

Though this bag comes in various colors, including a gorgeous black and red one we have in store right now, the all-black variety is perfect for your fall looks. Not only is it an incredible size and enduringly on-trend since it became an Instagram and celebrity hit a few years ago, but the Celine Phantom bag is a stylish choice that can house all of your cool-weather essentials, like scarves or an extra sweater.

We also love the structured details on the front of this bag, which makes a huge difference when you are wearing an all-black outfit. With any single color outfit, you will want to pay attention to points like detailing and texture, which differentiate the different aspects of your outfit from one another.


Christian Dior Matte Black Sunglasses

For the past year, it seems like steampunk and other similar trends have become integrated with mainstream trends, as you can see with the corsets and other body harness trends. This pair of Dior matte black sunglasses do an excellent job embodying this trend, as the matte black frames are gorgeously accented with a uniquely placed and steampunk-esque metal rim.
We love how much of a statement these glasses, and others like it, can make when paired with an all-black outfit. If you’re paying attention to details, these glasses do a perfect job of blending into monochrome outfits without becoming washed out or dreary.

Chanel Stainless Steel and Black Leather Watch


Everyone likes to have a little bit of sparkle in their lives, so we loved that this Chanel stainless steel and black watch can be so easily incorporated when wearing all black due to the unique black leather detailing that is woven throughout the band. Because of how solid of a material leather is, this woven detail adds the extra allure one would expect from leather being incorporated into your clothing and accessories.
When you’re wearing all black, there’s absolutely no reason to hesitate when putting on your gold, silver, or rose gold jewelry. Even though there’s plenty of popular jewelry being made in gunmetal or other anodized dark colors, we love how basic metals can still blend in.

Christian Louboutin Black Velvet Intern Loafers


Whether you’re trying to get through light snow or just a cold fall day, we love how perfectly these Dior Intern loafers can make a look when you’re wearing all black. Their flat construction means these shoes are perfect for an entire day out and seamlessly transition well into your evening plans.
Similarly to how the leather detailing on the Chanel watch adds a level of rebelliousness to an outfit, the patent leather toecap featuring tonal black spikes really make this pair a must. Even on all-black outfits that are toned down and demure, these flats can add the pop of personality needed to keep things interesting.

Chanel Black and White Silk Tweed Blouse

Chanel top
To round out our guide to wearing all black during fall, this Chanel tweed-collar blouse was an easy pick for our fashion editors. The silk construction allows this blouse to be flowy and breathable, yet perfect for layering underneath a coat or light jacket in cooler weather.
Our favorite aspect, however, is the way  iconic Chanel tweed was integrated into this piece. The black and white Peter-Pan-esque collar is the perfect companion to your all-black ensemble as it adds an element of timeless elegance to your look while fitting in with the other items in this list.
We believe that mixing classic and edgy elements into an all-black outfit is one key to creating a look that you find yourself returning to throughout the season. What do you look for when putting together your all-black looks?