Fabulous Discount Designer Finds Under $200 You Have to See 

There isn’t a single fashionista who doesn’t love a deal—even the most dedicated to top-of-the-line luxury love seeing a few digits knocked off of the price tag. Because luxury resale and pre-loved luxury items are taking the market by storm these days, thanks to retailers working hard to differentiate themselves from each other and from the shady market of dupes and fakes through rigorous authentication processes. The results? Beautiful, real bags that come at a much lower price. And, really, there’s something for any budget. If you’re looking for discount designer pieces under $200, whether for yourself or as a stunning gift, we’ve put this guide together for you!


Fabulous Discount Designer Items All Under $200

One of our favorite things about working in the luxury resale market is being able to bring discount designer items to our customers—and we’re sure it’s one of your favorite things too. Whether someone is buying a gift for themselves, a family member, or a loved one for a holiday, or just because, these items always make the perfect addition to any collection throughout the year.


Discount Designer Bags for the Bag-Lover in Your Life

discount designer. bags

Some of our favorite accessories are, you guessed it, bags! We love how well they are able to take an outfit to the next level to really complete a look. Small or large, there are discount designer bags out there for you—all under $200!


Known for beautiful and sleek designs, this timeless YSL clutch is structured with velvet and tonal corset details that make this piece really stand out from standard clutches. We love that it’s the perfect size for your necessities without being too clunky or thick to hold comfortably, as that can sometimes happen with overloaded and oversized clutches.


Another favorite of ours is this Rebecca Minkoff quilted crossbody bag. At under $200, this jumbo bag is a steal that is perfectly on-trend with the quilted and monochrome trends that fall is so often associated with. The gray color of this bag is a great way to add in a pop of “color” to your fall and winter outfits, while the bag is sized to fit cold-weather essentials along with your everyday favorites.


Fendi is such a well-known and beloved brand, so this Fendi hobo is an incredible find under $200. The slouchy style makes it infinitely accommodating for your everyday necessities alongside bulkier items, which makes this bag perfect for your days out shopping if you’d like to go as hands-free as possible. In black jacquard textile fabric, this bag goes well with any outfit while adding a sense of subtle luxury.


Add a Little Bling with Discount Designer Jewelry

discount designer rings

Luxury jewelry from brands like Tiffany & Co. and John Hardy are often coveted and come with quite a price tag. However, we’ve found some incredible pieces that fall in the under $200 category that we had to share. This John Hardy Naga ring is the perfect unisex accessory featuring intricate dragon scale detailing and sparkling enamel. And if you’re looking for something unique to sport, the Tiffany Atlas band ring is the one for you. Featuring Roman numerals that “hold up” the band, much like Atlas holds the globe, we think this ring is an incredible find and addition to any collection.


Small Accessories on a Budget

discount designer accessories

If you’re looking for something on the smaller end, you may enjoy looking through our collection of sunglasses and wallets that fall under $200. One way that fashionistas can sport their favorite designers everyday is by finding the perfect pair of sunglasses from luxury brands. These Chanel sunnies, for example, are gorgeously designed to complement any face shape while shielding you from the sun and world as you run your errands or relax poolside.


Wallets are also another excellent small accessory that you can often find for under $200. We love this Louis Vuitton wallet for a few reasons: The Monogram Vernis leather is a supple and an under-rated material that is perfect for constructing an everyday wallet. We love the creamy marshmallow color as well as the larger size, which gives you extra room for your essential cards, change and paper currencies.


Discount Designer Shoes to Die For

discount designer shoes

Christian Louboutin and Stuart Weitzman are two brand names synonymous with incredible shoe designs. A departure from the Louboutin norm of ultra-high heels and sleek leather, these Louboutin espadrille sandals are under $200 and a unique pair to slip on. With iconic red bottoms that Louboutin popularized, these sandals are a comfortable yet luxurious way to amp up any outfit, whether it’s day or night.


Similarly, the Stuart Weitzman boots we’re featuring were designed with a sexy and interesting mesh panel along the side of the boot which elongates the leg and takes them to the next level for your year-round looks.

We love that luxury resale allows fashion-lovers everywhere to find pieces that are perfect additions to their collection for any budget. But finding pieces from our favorite brands under $200 is such a treat. What are your favorite finds on this list?